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Welcome to our shop! We are Jackie Ann Delagrange (JAD) and Keirsten Ann Eberts (KAE) and we are best friends who both have a passion for creative designs (professional way of saying all things that sparkle). We met 5 years ago and were basically best friends from the beginning. We are opposite in every way! Jackie has all of the BIG ideas and gets us into trouble by over committing. Keirsten is realistic and helps to figure out what we can actually do and makes a plan to get it done! We both have strengths the other does not and it truly benefits our customers with the designs we develop! Each of our pieces are slightly different and reflect the fun, confident women who wear our products.

As much as we enjoy being makers, it is our side hustle. We both work in the world of higher education and hope to make a major impact in the lives of our students, doesn’t get much better than that! In our spare time, we obsess about Harry Potter, volunteer our time to greater causes, shop for Rothys, enjoy great meals (seriously we love good food), love on our fur babies and design unique accessories for you.

We mentioned that we have furbabies. Between us we have 10 animals, we could probably get licensed as a petting zoo. Jackie and her husband, Andrew, have 5 rescue dogs. Keirsten and her husband, Brandon, have 3 dogs and 2 cats. As you can guess, we have a true love for animals. We are both fortunate enough to serve on the board of our local humane society. Our love for animals has inspired our #JadKaeToTheRescue mission. With every purchase we make a donation to an organization that helps animals. 

We would love to hear from you, our amazing customers! Lets connect! Connect with us both on Facebook and Instagram or send us an email with any questions at jadkaedesigns@gmail.com.

XOXO Jackie and Keirsten

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